MICHELLE – lead vocals, guitar, flute

Michelle played piano and folk & classical guitar as a tiny tot, and by 14yrs swore she’d be in a band one day. She and Ben are the founding members of Magicfolk and together they write and arrange all the material.

She was introduced to Jethro Tull at an impressionable time, and now also plays flute and piccolo for Magicfolk, as well as in the Norfolk ceilidh band Willowspin which is busy playing functions throughout the year.

She has also made musical contributions to other artists’ albums (Colin Mold and Kit Marsden), and more recently started a solo album project under the name Jana Harry, releasing the single ‘Invisible’ in 2015.  

Michelle’s other musical favs are many and varied, including Radiohead, Linda Perry, Jefferson Airplane, Neil Young, Bowie, Blowsabella, Flook, Shooglenifty, Pink Floyd, Turin Brakes, Gary Numan.

Michelle loves nature, cats, hens, and other furry or feathery characters.

GEOFF CHARLTON – drums, congas, darabuka

Geoff is one of the longest standing members of Magicfolk, having joined Michelle and Ben in approx 2004, in what was then a very different line-up. He recorded all the drum parts to all three Magicfolk albums, as well as to the forthcoming Willowspin album and Jana Harry’s new work.

For many years he lived abroad in Greece, Cuba, Turkey and other places, absorbing a huge range of musical styles on different percussive instruments.

Other recent projects include his involvement with a wild and free jazz trio band inspired by Arthur Blythe, and experimentation with jazz riffs on any nearby tenor guitar.

Geoff also enjoys listening to his extensive and eclectic collection of old and new vinyl, as well as continuing his regular travels in warmer climes.

BEN GLOVER – bass, ewi, keys, theremin, hurdy gurdy

Ben writes Magicfolk material with Michelle, and together they produce and arrange all of the Magicfolk songs. Ben has a keen ear for harmonies and musical configurations, and also plays keyboards and guitar, and if you’re really lucky, he’ll get his ewi out…

He has several other ongoing musical projects including music for theatre and film, and plays bass for the folk & ceilidh band Willowspin.

Ben comes from a background in blues, classical, folk and rock music and has always wanted his own orchestra… His many influences range from Bowie and Brubeck to Jimi Hendrix.

Ben also likes brightly coloured drums, old synths, ethnic samples and cats. He has also recently found delight in the use of the theremin, a vintage electronic accordion, and a rather lovely hurdy gurdy – stay tuned…

COLIN MOLD – violin, guitar

Colin first joined Magicfolk in the winter of 2008 and his various skills on different instruments were soon absorbed into their second album ‘Tales of Power’. After a break he is now back and continuing to work with Magicfolk, pursuing his love of folk and contributed widely to the 2014 album Saltarello.

Colin continues also to be prolific in his own field, presently working on his 4th album of original prog-rock pieces.

Between 2011/12 he toured with Karnataka, and previously in 2003 he formed the celtic-prog band Kara and produced their first album.

CHRIS SCUPHAM – keyboards

Chris played classical piano and guitar from an early age and now will casually sit down with a glass of Châteauneuf and absent-mindedly compose a quick sonata whilst thinking about something else.

 He has had a musical career working in a wide range of genres, from writing music for theatre and TV productions to playing in various bands from blues to prog-rock, and continues to dabble in outfits such as the dance-punk band Charlie Dont Surf. Chris has also worked as sound technician on pop videos and worked with the likes of Nick Sawyer, Severine Hamilton and Park Village Productions.

Chris also plays guitar, bass, mandolin, and has just recently bought his first accordion. He likes cats, skiing, and anything to do with France.