MICHELLE - lead vocals, guitar, flute, piccolo
  Michelle played piano and folk & classical guitar as a tiny tot, and
  by 14yrs swore she'd be in a band one day. She and Ben are the founding
  members of Magicfolk and together they write and arrange all the material.
  She was introduced to Jethro Tull at an impressionable time, and now
  also plays flute and piccolo for Magicfolk, as well as in the Norfolk ceilidh
  band Willowspin which is busy playing functions throughout the year.
  She has also made musical contributions to other artists' albums (Colin Mold
  and Kit Marsden), and more recently started a solo album project under the
  name Jana Harry ("Jan-na"), releasing the single 'Invisible' in 2015.
    Michelle's other musical favs are many and varied, including Radiohead,
    Linda Perry, Jefferson Airplane, Neil Young, Bowie, Blowsabella, Flook,
    Shooglenifty, Pink Floyd, Turin Brakes, Gary Numan.
    Michelle loves nature, cats, hens, and other furry or feathery characters.
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