Magicfolk (2007)    
  All songs written, arranged and produced by
  Michelle Glover and Ben Glover. All songs
  copyright Michelle Glover and Ben Glover.
  Recorded & mixed at Ashwood Recording
  Studios, Norwich by Sotos Yiasimi 2007.
  Mastered by Jon Astley at Close to the Edge
  2007. CD design, photography and original
  artwork © 2007 Michelle and Ben Glover.
  1. Green Man   7. Angel
  2. Sheba   8. Furies
  3. Persephone   9. Egypt
  4. Little Spirit   10. Narcissus
  5. Aibo   11. Diving Bell
  6. Heliopolis   12. Sea Priestess

GREEN MAN (2003 Ben Glover)


Waiting at the junction

that runs underground

of the old straight track

my cats eyes are bonfires

holding me back

linking the hills

too much road rage

of the old straight track

in the Aquarian age



Waiting at the junction

Dazzle in the mirror

for the lights to change

and nothing on the radio

I saw the sign

forget what the lights say


I’ll find another way

I’m not waiting
      for the green man
    Cross through the circle I’m not wasting my time

climb over the barrow,


the tarmac’s old

Go past the Long Man
    and the pavements are narrow and over the hill,
    walk with the green man leading you places
    take the contraflow the road never will
    you don’t need traffic signs  
    to follow the ley lines walk with the green man
      take the contraflow
    You take the high road you don’t need to wait for him
    and I’ll take the one to say when you can go

SHEBA (2004 Michelle Glover)


DIVING BELL (2003 Ben Glover)


I’m taking on water

from a tall window

Out in this desert of stars

up high

My instruments are shot to hell

overlooking the desert

I’m probably heading for Mars

orange and hot

I’ve taken on too much

watching you walking away

this time



I’ve pushed my luck too high


to climb down


from the tower of Babel

high and dry

Diving bell

my pillar of flame

why did I go

moves away

I’m cold as hell

on the plains of Africa

and twice as low


I’m counting the hours

deaf to the world

With each breath of air

a bird

There’s fine rain coming

cracks its wings

From somewhere


a feather falls


It’s an Arctic winter


past my prison window


This night goes on for days

and drifts

I could sail this ocean

on the heat haze


of your footsteps
padding in the sand

I’m walking on water

along the kingdom of dust

I’m over the moon


I couldn’t leave the Odyssey

lost heart of Solomon

too soon

song of Sheba
breathes through the air
  There’s a million people
on feathers
  waiting - for me
falling down to my feet
  There’s a million people
  asking - for me

dream or reality

  I’ve seen the Sea

or is it - real?

  of Tranquillity
    (2004 Michelle Glover) (2002 Michelle Glover)

Drawn to the place of Persephone

little spirit you are

Drawn to the dark passageway

little spirit that doesn’t care

Under the white cypress tree

how, where, or why

Fixed by the eyes of Persephone

sleep in the sun


sleep in the shade

I will go, I will follow you

as flies spin by

Down to the river of forgetfulness

      hear in my quiet
    Ah.. Persephone see in my dark
    κόρη της νύχτας when candle flames die
    (Daughter of the night) wake in the night
    κόρη της άνοιξης burn bright little soul
    (Daughter of the spring) little spirit that you are  

AIBO (2004 Ben Glover)

EGYPT (2006 Ben Glover)


I can’t see where you’re looking

Go beyond the pylon gate
and your eyes are much too blue
See the desert rimmed

There’s more compassion in my dog

with light
and it’s made by Sony
Limestone walls white

You don’t know the weakness of our race

Climb the eternal weight 

Minds as fragile as a face



The heron and the crocodile

Android blue I like your style

Find a path across the stars

Show me where to lose the smile

Chasing Orion
Slowly turning on the Nile

I find the world too crowded nowadays


It’s hard to navigate

Mistaken time
there’s always someone in the way
Fighting off the years

Are there pavements on your planet

lift the draperies

are there binbags, are there boxes?

Let your castles go

You don’t seem to see them

Come down to our century
with your eyes
and tell us what you know

Android blue, you’re really wired

Go beyond the pylon gate

Can we go, I’m feeling - ready to leave

Past the shadow of the lion

Tomorrow I’ll be ready for you

Leave the stale dungeon

Android blue

Leave your fallen temple

You’ve taken a hard look around

Go to the river side

It seems that nothing’s changed

The poppies

your mind at all

and the cornflowers

I wish you could offer me more hope

still grow
But your expression is unreadable
for the pharaoh
Android blue, you’ve been so patient
The day has been so slow
Maybe tomorrow I’ll be ready for you
    Android blue  

(2005 Michelle and Ben Glover)

(2002 Michelle Glover / A. Emerson)

place of pillars

give me power give me light

god of the setting sun

in the dread of the dark

steps in the desert

give me strength to survive

sunk into the sand

to live to the edge of time

voice of the bird

spread your wings over me

in the mountain’s hand

      give me hope in the day

a temple buried

to send out the battle cry

beneath a pillar of flame

give me help in the battle

from the eye of Horus

help me not to die

phoenix flies again

    city of Aten give me power of empathy
    city of the sun give me strength of sympathy
    FURIES (2005 Michelle Glover. Translation into Greek by Carola Scupham)

Τισιφονη, Μεγαιρ(α),Αληκτω

Tisiphone, Megaera, Alecto

ποτε δεν λησμονειτε, Ερινυες

unforgetting Furies

μεσ'υπνηλια και νυστα

O drowsed in sleep

πνιγεται ο πονος μου

too deep to heed my pain!

Ξυπνατε, ακουετε

Awake and hear,

Η Κλυταιμνηστρα σας φωναζει, σηκω!

Clytemnestra calls - Arise!



Νυσταγμενα ουρλιαζετε

Yelping, drowsed again?

σηκω! στο φριχτο εργο

Up and do your deed of hell!

Προσμενει η ψυχη μου

my soul awaits

παιρνει χαμπαρι Μοιρα

tidings of coming fate

Μανιαι, Τρελλες

Maniae, Madnesses,

Κοραι πια της Νυχτας

Daughters of the Night

Λυσσαζετε, φρενιαζετε!

strike with madness!
    Αρπαζετε! Seize!

    γυρω ψυχη τυλισσει Round the soul entwining
    Χωρις Λυρα και Μουσα Without lute or lyre
    τρελλη ψυχη μαραινει Soul in madness pining,
    στη φωτια λειωνει Wasting as with fire
    (2005 Ben Glover) (2006 Michelle & Ben Glover)
    Caught by the window we’ll build a fire of Azrael
    You see yourself sideways with cedar and sandalwood
    So good looking and juniper
    Your face is double glazed when the weed begins to stream
    Take another moment and turn back  
    You can’t tear yourself away we will see all the past
    From the mirror trap of the high sea down
      and the hollow land of marshes
    Lost in conversation  
    On the telephone fay Morgana
    Will you listen to yourself and the priest of the sea
    Turn your best speech on  
    It’s a good impression of you we’ll be the star
    You’re more in love than you knew that rises from the sea 
      these are the moon-tides
    Eridanus had a daughter and these belong to me

But Narcissus

take two twigs
    would only kiss the water  
      of the juniper tree 
    Seems like everything cross them, cross them  
    is going your way  
    It all went right for you today look into the coals of the fire
    So you think about it for a while of Azrael 
    Drown yourself in a smile Fay Morgana

Geoff Charlton - drums (all tracks), darabuka, congas (Egypt, Sea Priestess, Sheba)

    Michelle - lead vocals (all tracks), acoustic guitar (Green Man, Sheba, Persephone, Little Spirit, Aibo, Heliopolis, Furies, Egypt, Diving Bell, Sea Priestess, Angel)
    Ben Glover - bass (Green Man, Aibo, Heliopolis, Narcissus), guitar (Narcissus), keyboards (Green Man, Aibo, Sea Priestess), backing vocals (Heliopolis, Sea Priestess)
    Miki Kovalkovic - keyboards (all tracks), backing vocals (Heliopolis)
    Rhea - backing vocals (Aibo, Heliopolis), bass clarinet (Heliopolis)
    Sotos - guitar (Sheba, Green Man, Angel, Little Spirit, Narcissus, Sea Priestess), bouzouki (Green Man, Persephone, Furies, Egypt)
    Jay - bass (Sheba, Persephone, Little Spirit, Angel, Furies, Egypt, Diving Bell, Sea Priestess)
    Lee Morant - lead guitar (Sea Priestess, Furies)
    Tom Abbott - lead/guitar (Green Man, Sheba, Little Spirit, Sea Priestess, Narcissus, Egypt, Angel, Aibo, Heliopolis), banjo (Persephone), backing vocals (Heliopolis)
    Josephone - flute (Egypt, Green Man, Persephone), backing vocals (Green Man, Aibo, Narcissus, Heliopolis), sax (Narcissus)
    Vicky Grady - backing vocals (Green Man, Angel, Egypt, Diving Bell)
    Ozzita Gorman - backing vocals (Sheba, Angel)
    Andy Hines - lead/guitar (Green Man, Sheba, Persephone)
    Chris Scupham - piano/keyboards (Diving Bell)
    Andreas Yiasimi - Greek backing vocals (Furies)
    Charlie Petch - additional backing vocals (Sheba)
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