GEOFF CHARLTON - drums, congas, darabuka
Geoff is one of the longest standing members of Magicfolk, having joined
  Michelle and Ben in approx 2004, in what was then a very different line-up.
  He recorded all the drum parts to all three Magicfolk albums, as well as to  
the forthcoming Willowspin album and Jana Harry's new work.
For many years he lived abroad in Greece, Cuba, Turkey and other places
absorbing a huge range of musical styles on different percussive instruments.
Other recent projects include his involvement with a wild and free jazz
  trio band inspired by Arthur Blythe, and experimentation with jazz riffs
    on any nearby tenor guitar.  
Geoff also enjoys listening to his extensive and eclectic collection of old
    and new vinyl, as well as continuing his regular travels in warmer climes.  
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