BEN GLOVER - bass, ewi, keys, theremin, hurdy gurdy
  Ben writes Magicfolk material with Michelle, and together they produce
  and arrange all of the Magicfolk songs. Ben has a keen ear for harmonies
  and musical configurations, and also plays keyboards and guitar, and if
  you're really lucky, he'll get his ewi out...
  He has several other ongoing musical projects including Lemontiger
  - where he composes music for theatre and film, and plays bass for the
  folk & ceilidh band Willowspin.
  Ben comes from a background in blues, classical, folk and rock music
    and has always wanted his own orchestra… His many influences range
    from Bowie, Brubeck to Jimi Hendrix.
    Ben also likes brightly coloured drums, old synths, ethnic samples and cats.
    He has also recently found delight in the use of the theremin, a vintage
    electronic accordion, and a rather lovely hurdy gurdy - stay tuned...
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