original/trad. lyrics & original music arr. Michelle Glover © Michelle Glover & Ben Glover 2017
  Geoff Charlton - drums
  Michelle Glover - vocals, keyboards, guitar

Ben Glover - bass


Fran Broady - harmony vocals

    Jill Parson - harmony vocals
    Chad Mason - harmony vocals
    There were three men came from the West
    to plough for wheat and rye and rest
    And there they made a solemn vow
    John Barleycorn must die
    They ploughed him in the furrow deep
    till clods lay over his head and feet
    and these three men rejoicing went

John Barleycorn was dead

    They left him there for days and nights
    through shower, storm and summer light
    but Barleycorn stirred below
    pushed and stretched and began to grow
    Barleycorn John Barleycorn - while summer rains do fall
    Barleycorn rise up rise up - before autumn’s call
    He turned with the stars and the golden breeze
    grew tall beyond the waving weeds
    He grew to a man strong and fine
    stood high before the autumn time
    But just when the sun had warmed his head
    they hired men with blades and thread
    to cut him from his whispering home
    to bind him where he lay alone
    They hired men with thashels hard
    to beat him high and low and sharp
    And the miller cut him skin from bone
    and ground him between two milling stones

Barleycorn, John Barleycorn you’re the strongest man we know


Barleycorn, rise up again, when pastures reach and grow


Barleycorn, John Barleycorn by river and oak tree strand


Barleycorn rise up again when dawn comes over the land

    Barleycorn John Barleycorn, while summer rains do fall
    Barleycorn rise up again before the autumn’s call
    Recorded, arranged, produced, mixed and mastered
    at Magicfolk Studios by Michelle Glover © 2019.
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